About Us

Eden Hill is situated 3km from Mallow, a busy country town and 30km from Cork, Ireland's second city.Our students combine English lessons with Equestrian activities, hosted by William and Martha and their 4 children. Kate the youngest, was born in 2000. Stephanie represented Ireland on the Pony Eventing Team at the European Pony Championships 2010

The O'Callaghan Family

The family is very accustomed to looking after the young people who arrive at Eden Hill each year. William,(or Bill as he is more usually known ) is the patient father figure who has a hands - on approach to the horse-riding element of the stay. He is a BHS instructor who coaches many Irish children to successful careers in all disciplines. He trained 3 of the 6 Pony Event Riders at the Pony European Championships 2010

Martha always provides a mother-like approach to any problems the young guests may have and oversees the Language learning element of the holiday. The children of the family, especially the younger ones- Stephanie and Kate, are in constant contact with our guests. The older children have both been great competitors in horse-land

Family Atmosphere

We at Eden Hill aim to send our students home with vastly improved English, horse-riding skills acquired while having fun on horseback and friends from all over Europe, all learned in a family atmosphere.

The O'Callaghan Family