English Lessons

English language classes are held in the Courtyard Classroom. Eden Hill is a fully accredited English Language School with regular Inspections to ensure our Programme is maintaining the highest standards

Small Classes

Classes are small to maximise contact with the teacher. Classes may have levels of mixed ability but our experienced teachers, through the use of differentiated learning, work with the student's to ensure their potential is reached while here. Active learning methods are used and the students are encouraged to improve their oral fluency by making their best effort to speak in English


Our English teachers are all University graduates with T.E.F.L. training (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) who, by using modern teaching methods and up-to-date course material, will help any student to advance in both spoken and written English during their stay at Eden Hill.

Eden Hill is recognised by the Department of Education and Science for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

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